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Cognitive Behavioral 
Substance Abuse 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on a core belief that actions begin as a thought, and therefore making adjustments to behavioral patterns starts in the mind. When used in addiction rehab, under the guidance of accredited mental health specialists, CBT has been proven effective in helping people who are battling substance abuse learn effective new coping methods.

At Clear View, we understand that that a substance abuse disorder stems from something else such as perhaps a mental health conditions. A persons childhood of abuse, neglect, and many other issues can lead to anxiety, depressression and other conditional which can lead one to self medicate with Drugs and Alcohol.

The journey to sobriety can and will begin when you take the step and address those issues that are underlining. This is a huge stre to starting the soberity journey. 

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

To recover you need to know why you think the way you do. Bad thoughts about ourselves and an overall horrific self image can cause us to result to substance abuse in order to cope.. Because of this, it’s essential to identify the correlation between your thoughts and actions. Being able to recognize thought patterns that trigger your addiction – and correct them – is key to helping you to break the psychological cycle of substance abuse.

CBT begins with an assessment of your pattern of addictive behavior. By determining the common factors surrounding your drug and alcohol abuse, we help you identify your triggers. Many emotions or events – depression, stress, anxiety, even celebratory occasions – can be the root cause of your addiction and can become detrimental to the recovery process if not addressed in therapy. Learning to recognize these sources of your triggers is an important step in breaking the cycle so you can begin reclaiming control of your actions.

After you identify the thoughts that are contributing to your using then we can help you begin to the the right things to stay on the path to recovery. Making the right decisions to keep you on the path of sobriety is the overarching goal of addiction recovery. Practicing mindfulness creates accountability and puts the choice back into your hands. It’s a mistake to expect perfection, but CBT heightens your self-awareness and enhances your overall recovery experience.

Take Control With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You will gain a greater since of self contribution through CBT.  is a great program which will aid you greatly for a long time after therapy and your treatment have ended. 


natural ways to feel amazing


changing your thoughts will change your actions

education about using and safety if you do use

Yoga Instructor



Here are ClearView we know that recovery is  so much more than simply abstaining from drugs and alcohol. It’s about finding peace and healing.


The only way that we can be the absolute best is when we have the perfect balance of mind, body and soul.  That’s why we rely on a combination of medical treatments, evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches to substance abuse therapy.  to help you achieve an abiding sense of wellbeing in early recovery.

Mindfulness Matters

Meditation, yoga, and other holistic practices often tend to mindfulness — not worrying about the past or the future being focused only on the RIGHT NOW. Techniques that help you stay in the moment are especially useful in diminishing cravings for drugs or alcohol. They can also help you deal with trauma and PTSD. ClearView  offers meditation and yoga, as well as other practices to help you integrate mindfulness into your everyday life. Used in combination with therapy, these techniques are a powerful way to help you throughout recovery — and beyond. 

Working It Out


Once sober, many recovering addicts find they have more energy.  Exercise (in moderation, of course) has benefits - it not only reduces cravings and physical aches and pains but  is a healthy way to put that energy to use.  ClearView encourages its clients to practice physical activities and maintain an active lifestyle. 

Nutrition For Newfound Sobriety

Sometimes clients will still be suffering from malnourishment even after they have become sober  It’s hardly surprising, considering that addiction is so preoccupying that nutrition is no longer a priority. Also, many substances prevent the body from absorbing nutrients. We do teach and emphasize healthy eating and what that really means. Your system may be a bit vulnerable during the earliest phases of sobriety, so it’s important to give it the fuel it needs to grow stronger and thrive.

Wellness For Life

There are many more programs we offer to help your lifestyle during your course of getting sober and even many that will continue after you do become sober. If you would like to talk to use more about the options please give us a call or shoot us an email . 


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